Strikepen Black Review – The #1 Tactical Pen

Strikepen Black is a powerful self-defense tool which is small and light enough to fit in your pocket. Additionally this multi-purpose tool is tough enough to last a lifetime of abuse. While writing as a regular pen you can also use it as a weapon and emergency glass breaker. This lightweight and deadly survival tool has been tested and proven itself. In addition to regular strikepen, the black edition has a bright LED flashlight and interchangeable multi tool.

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Strikepen Black

What Is Strikepen Black Edition?

Strikepen Black edition is the number one tactical pen in America. However it looks like a regular pen. The body of this tool is precision milled alloy and it has unassuming discreet design. Also there is a bright LED emitter with tungsten steel striker and 2 interchangeable tools. The extension has a bottle opener, flat head screwdriver piece, knife, and HEX wrench. Besides it is a functional smooth pen including replacement ink and batteries. The perfect grip of this tool makes it easy to handle.

Apesurvival is giving this self-defense tool for free, but if it is still available. You will just pay for shipment and handling. Apesurvival’s aim is to provide families to survive natural disasters and terrorist attacks plus improve self-defense and wilderness skills.

Moreover when you get this free tactical pen you will also get 3 of top selling self-defense guides, all for free! Also each Strikepen comes with a guide of instructions.

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The same as many evaluations in our pages, completely tested and prepared a review for you. The sufficiency of this tool is very good and we are highly pleased. It is really simple to work with. So our ease of use score on this tactical pen is 10/10. Basically, this self defense tool is satisfactory for your purpose. Second is its simplicity. When you get this product you can use it smoothly. However you can’t find Strikepen in stores.

Product Title StrikePen Black
Trustworthy Of course Score Excellent
Product Status Tested and found best suited
Price Free
Supplier Ape Survival
Web Page

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