• Custom Keto Diet for Perfect Weight Loss

    Custom Keto Diet is the latest ketogenic weight loss plan which is prepared according to your food preferences and your body’s requirements. The main purpose of the ketogenic diet is to increase the consumption of fats beneficial to the body while consuming as little carbohydrates as possible. Because the ketogenic diet is a very low-carb diet – about 80% of calories come from fat and only about 5% -10% of carbohydrates – a typical meal day will contain many servings of healthy fat.

  • Keto Breads Review – Perfect Bread Recipe Book For Keto

    Keto Breads is your guide to making grain-free, low-carb bread including more than 35 keto-friendly bread recipes. Also these contain 5g net carbs or less. Moreover you can use these recipes with paleo or ketogenic diet. Kelley Herring who studied many years on nutritional biochemistry is the creator of this book. Also she spent more than a decade of dedicated efforts in her test kitchen to prepare keto friendly recipes. And each recipe includes functional ingredients that actually protect your health.